Yoga poses for over 60

Repeat 10 times. 69 ADVANCED Rolling Bridge on Toes BENEFITS Yoga poses for over 60 : Relaxes and stretches your hip flexors and quadriceps while strengthening your glutes and hamstrings. Lie Yoga poses for over 60 on your back, feet on the ball, hip-distance apart. Lift your hips slightly while pressing your toes into the ball. Lift your hips further as you roll the ball out, pressing your feet into the ball. Continue to lift your hips, pressing gently into your shoulders and upper back without crunching your neck. Hold for a few seconds. For an extra challenge, come up all the way onto your toes.

The eco- and socio-political matrix of emergent yoga

Most classifications of Indian history in books on yoga are based on religio-cultural classifications of the texts of the Indian elites. Such classifications can be very useful but I prefer to use a historio-sociological classification, based on technological/economic/political criteria, as shown below. The religious classification shown in the figure is a slightly modified version of the religio-cultural classification in Michael (2004). The figure below shows approximately how religious eras fit into the different social formations – often referred to as the socio- economic matrix. The starting point of most chapters will be such social formations and the social conflicts within them.

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