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I will become more specific about the yoga discourse.

Northern Indian Vedic societies before yoga

The Aryan-speaking village based communities preceding yoga arose mainly in the area around the five Punjab Rivers and along the Ganges. It started between 1500 and 1000BC as cattle-herding Aryan-speaking (Wikipedia link) tribes migrating from the Eurasian steppes settled along the rivers in Northern India. They were tribal and clan-based pastoral steppe communities, cattle based semi-nomads who had managed to domesticate and use horses. The Indo-Aryans were relatively egalitarian communities consisting probably of two social tiers -the commoners and the nobles – which were typical of Eurasian Bronze and Early Iron Age societies (Kohl 2009, Anthony 2010, Kradin 2002). As with most semi-nomadic steppe societies, they would probably have been organised in loose confederations run by charismatic leaders from the upper tier. They possessed superior military steppe technology consisting of a deadly combination of chariots and bows easily defeating the aboriginals (Keegan 1993).

Based on sociological and historical research into migration patterns, it can be assumed that they probably arrived in waves of migrations settling in different areas. Slowly they settled as agriculturalists (Heather 2009). They fought and mixed with the aboriginal non-

Lie on your back on the floor. Place the ball Yoga poses 6th chakra between your legs, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Your lower back should remain Yoga poses 6th chakra flat on the floor, and your neck long. If your back is coming off the floor, place a towel or mat under the lowest section of your lumbar spine the very base of your back. Squeeze the ball tightly with your side and back thighs, turning your inner thighs out slightly from your hip. Use your core to stabilize your spine on the floor and begin twisting the ball, using your inner thighs to initiate the twist, while your back and side thigh muscles act with a pulling motion, moving your thigh bones deeper downward into their sockets. This will keep your pelvis neutral and work your hips dynamically in all planes. Repeat 8 times continuously moving and twisting deeper through each repetition.

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