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Holistic Romanticism, women and yoga

Inside our habitus – our cultural dispositions – we will find our values and self-identity. They guide and orientate us in the world we face. In order to understand female self-identity and values better sociologically, one could take as a starting point the material and social conditions typically framing the lives of women – investigating the traditional roles of women in Western male-dominated societies. I am thinking of the woman as a mother, 40 that is women in a reproductive social role of the raising of children and caring for the sick and weak. As history abundantly shows us, women have traditionally been responsible for looking after children, the sick and the old. Women previously had and still have a strong social role of caring and maintaining the social reproduction within the household. Many women still seem to identify with this role.

Their presence within all creation helps us understand why everything is Yoga poses balance interconnected and interdependent. Everything is created by the same sacred source and has its role to Yoga poses balance play in the grand plan and deserves our respect. The wisdom in this theory is apparent when we think about the presence of the five basic elements in our own body.

These elements govern all the bodily functions that keep us alive. At the time of conception, we occupy space and require space in which to grow. Our breath draws in air and moves around the oxygen that is vital for our survival. Our digestive fire burns the calories that give us our energy. Nearly two thirds of our body is made up of water; without water, we could not survive.

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