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As you can see, ball work really can’t be beat Yoga poses on the beach for both fun and effectiveness. This is why my clients who work with the ball are Yoga poses on the beach hooked! They have reshaped their bodies, look and feel energized, and have dramatically improved their posture. Clients love the ball so much, many of them have begun to use one as the chair at their desks! The History of the Ball The Swiss, or stability, ball was originally introduced as the gymnasticball by Dr. Susanne Klien-Vogelbach, a doctor in Switzerland. Dr. Klien-Vogelbach created the ball in the 1960s for use in physical therapy to treat orthopedic and neurological disorders. Doctors had children with cerebral palsy and inefficient motor skill development use the ball to help neuro-muscular stimulation. When someone with poor motor skills uses the ball, their brain pathways are re-patternedand they are able to improve the way their body moves.

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We are facing the incredible Upanishad proposition that liberation happens while meditating – it is mystical-metaphysical insight (non-cognitive realisation’) happening during deep absorption. From the context we understand that this is made possible by previous Brahmin doctrinal training. This is the function of tarka (thinking), the 5 element of yoga: through, and because of previous insight (learning and training), the adept can see brahman in deep meditation. Without this training the meditator would not grasp what was going on.

In summary, from the passages above, the Maitri claims that, when using ascetic meditation techniques plunging the mind into the darkest of darkness, then, despite the cognitive void, there is insight. This is what is called today the phenomenon of yoga’: a yoga experience’ fascinating yoga popularisers and scholars of mysticism. In the triangle of liberation , this is labelled Mystic Realisation.

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