Yoga Poses For Beginners


Varley is a contemporary lifestyle brand. The journey began with the idea of creating the perfect swimwear for women, and since has evolved into a much anticipated activewear collection.

The founders share their time between Venice, California and London and the influences of both are clearly visible in the brands DNA. The collections combine the attitude of California ease with elegant European style.

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To get grounded before you set foot into the building, take a seat or lie down. Start by focusing on your feet. Say to yourself, “I relax my feet. My feet are relaxed.”

Take a deep breath.

Move up to your ankles. Say the same sentence with the word “ankles” in place of “feet.”

Systematically move your way up the entire body: shins, knees, thighs, buttocks, pelvis, belly, chest, back body, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head, face. Be slow and selective, taking at least five minutes to relax your entire body. When you are finished, you will most certainly be less in your head and more in your body. Take your confident, capable self out the door to a world of new possibility.

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