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And where is earth? The properties of earth are in Yoga poses benefits the minerals, from calcium to zinc, that keep our structure healthy. To practice Vastu Yoga poses benefits , we pay attention to a spiritual grid that is called the vastu purusha mandala. Most Eastern religions use mandalas, which are often symbolic depictions of the universe, as a point of focus in meditation. Typically, mandalas help us concentrate, turn inward, and move along the path to enlightenment. The vastu purusha mandala serves a similar purpose; it helps us succeed in our practice of Vastu. The two Sanskrit words, Vastu dwelling or land and purusha unseen energy or spirit that lies within combine together to mean the cosmic spirit of the dwelling or land. In Hinduism, there are many myths that explain the origin and importance of vastu purusha. One story about the spirit Vastu Purusha recounts the existence, once upon a time, of an evil force, unnamed and without form, that extended across the firmament and threatened to destroy the universe.

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