Yoga poses you can do at home

Try to keep your hips aligned to insure the correct muscles Yoga poses you can do at home are firing in your core. Take a mindful approach to feel the relationship between your ribs Yoga poses you can do at home , arms, and pelvis, and try to keep them in alignment. This will keep your shoulders aligned as well.

INTERMEDIATE Single Arm Chest Reach Across BENEFITS: A creative way to lift and strengthen your pectoral muscles. Lie on the ball in an incline bench press position, with your hips lifted into plank position, weights on the floor alongside your hips to begin.

Pick up your weights and bend your elbows to bring the weights alongside your chest. Open your arms straight out to the side, slightly higher than your trunk, initiating the movement by pressing your shoulder blades into the ball to stabilize your shoulder joint. Move one arm across to meet the other, with the ultimate goal of getting both palms to meet.

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