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Perhaps he could have achieved the same feeling without causing harm Yoga poses digestion to another living creature. Besides his quiet dispose sition and ironic rela-Jpfl tionship with Yoga poses digestion nature, my B father was Hemingway-mm esque in many other? Ways, as well. He was tall H and quintessentially American, both in principles and physique. We slg had shared a favorite Hemingway short story entitled The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

It is a tale B about a man with a tal-ent who marries into a higher social stratum, becomes spoiled, loses his drive, and, eventually, dies because of it.

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As a person completely out of his element, he loses himself in the vortex that he has created for himself. The story is a metaphor about the dangers of delusion.

In real life, it is a tragedy to witness this all-too-common scenario happening to someone you know, and an even greater challenge to avoid it yourself.

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