Yoga poses good for the back

Often in a yoga class, there is a moment before Yoga poses good for the back the practice begins where everyone is invited to chant OM three times to cleanse the space and Yoga poses good for the back allow a pause between events, from where we have come and where we are going next. With this, we are reminded of our presence at that very moment. The yoga practice itself is in some way an excuse or at the least a platform to do so for a specified period of time. Each asana reminds us of the physical presence of our bodies and our shape at each moment, and as we shift from posture to posture, we maintain this awareness through alternating movement and stillness.

There is a silent moment during practice where you can choose to dedicate your practice as an offering to someone or something that may need it. It is like a prayer or blessing for a loved one or cause other or higher than yourself, with you as the physical vehicle to deliver those efforts outside of yourself beyond yourself. It is an act of generosity and love that, when combined, can be one of the most powerful energies in the universe. These moments of self-awareness and altruistic offerings are our intentions in yoga.

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