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John Muir If you work hard toward becoming more open, Yoga poses handstand I opportunities will beckon to you. If you are prepared, profound experiences will occur deep Yoga poses handstand within your being. I have just returned from such a place, which continues to provide just that type of experience. Late last year, I received a call from a journalist who asked if I would be interested in going to Afghanistan. My curiosity immediately was piqued, given the fragile state of affairs at that precise moment. America had already been at war with Afghanistan for two months, in search of those allegedly responsible for what had occurred on September 11 in New York, which was targeted at the United States in particular and at the free Western world in general, for reasons not fully explained to or comprehended by the majority of its inhabitants on that day. Yes, I said. I am interested.

Early-yoga – Brahmin mysticism and purity

Key Concepts

One-ness Upanishads Axial Age Episteme Tarka & Turya Jains and yoga Non-duality Dharma-sutra yoga Yogi amateurs

Purifying yoga Samatha / Vipassana meditation Four jhanas Ethical lifestyle Cultural field of liberation Siddhis and yoga Brahmin element meditation First yoga sympathisers

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