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The idea was to move down the food chain. Let’s Yoga poses instagram not forget that none of these things I have mentioned are particularly healthy, and thus are Yoga poses instagram also non-yogic, as we are told in many books and in the classroom. Ahimsa, the Hindu practice of non-violence, does not condone the eating of flesh in any form. Having grown up on a less restrictive American diet, I was accustomed to believing that I needed animal protein in my diet. I even craved meat upon occasion.

But now that I was practicing yoga more regularly, I wanted to overcome these conditioned cravings and to show more respect for other living creatures in their various forms. Besides, I argued to my carnivorous family and friends, how would I know if I really did need to eat meat as the argument of most meat eaters goes unless I gave it up? So I slid into vegetarianism as an experiment with my body. Now that I was more attuned to my physical body because of my yoga practice, I would let it tell me what it wanted or when certain nutrients were needed.

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