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These faiths encourage meditation, prayer, and contemplation on a Yoga poses jewelry daily basis. For me as a Catholic, one day in particular reminds me of these Yoga poses jewelry needs. Ash Wednesday is a time to contemplate the life of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us Christians, but it is also a time to recognize the value of life, as you might if you had to spend forty days alone in the desert.

You would probably come out of the desert knowing yourself quite well. You would also probably emerge with a lot of ideas about how you want to live your life, or how you can better the one that you have.

You don’t have to be Christian to practice sacrificing the things that keep you from your Self. Try giving up those things in your life that distract you from you, and open your heart to the things that will reveal you to you. So for me, this year I promised myself that Lent would be a time of contemplation, free of travel for work, and avoiding days packed without spaces to pause in between.

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