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I am a planner to a fault. A true Capricornian Yoga poses legs behind head control freak, I always say, unapologetical-ly, that I am simply not spontaneous Yoga poses legs behind head . The truth is, planners leave little space for spontaneity because we fear it. On September 11, though, I found myself and my plans out of my control. The airports were closed, so travel did not seem possible for the immediate future. This created a domino effect and I lost further control, as there was no room to push back even one previously scheduled moment in my grand plan. Then, when somebody asked the inevitable question, Will you go on with the wedding? I responded without giving it a moment’s thought, Yes. Later, however, my fiance’ and I agreed that it was too early to make that call.

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Many scholars have demonstrated that the god mentioned in the Svetasvatara is Siva.184 This raises the interesting possibility that we have evidence of a very early Saivite yoga tradition, which has left little historical evidence, and therefore tends to be overlooked? In the subsequent historical eras there is rich evidence of a range of Saivite ascetic groups and communities, some of them connected to yoga. They worshipped Siva as the god of asceticism at the same time as he was worshipped as the warrior god of destruction. As we reach the Tantric era, there is rich documentation of a wide range of Saivite yoga forms, from which we can deduce that they could express a Siva yoga discourse: Saivite yoga.

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