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As soon as we got Aut, I suddenly wanted back Yoga poses lizard in. I felt disconnected from myself somehow, like a separation anxiety. The city seemed Yoga poses lizard to pull on my heart, turning my attention far away from my relatively small inner sanctum. Something was gently and relentlessly tugging at my compassion. Over the weekend, I considered the personal ramifications of this atrocity. My business partners and I were just about ready to leave for Europe to launch our product line in several cities, then I was due in Germany for a meeting for another project before going to the destination of my wedding. I had been planning to not return home for a long time, because we’d intended to enjoy an extended honeymoon that involved a great amount of international travel. Everything had been so tightly planned that there was wasn’t any room for surprises.

The goal of this practice seems in many respects also similar to that of the Katha. It is to know’ and understand’ the self and hence realise the underlying ontological reality. Some verses indicate that this ontological transformation deletes dualities ends cycles of rebirth and happens in death.

The description of the underlying principle seems however to have changed slightly. Often the text describes a union with god. Several times it is said that to know god’ means release of re-birth’:

When one has known God all the fetters fall off; by eradication of the blemishes, birth and death come to an end I.9.

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