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INTERMEDIATE Extended Spiral Lunge BENEFITS: Strengthens your iliotibial band, Yoga poses to lose weight which runs along the outside of your thigh. From Twisting Spiral Lunge, continue extension, Yoga poses to lose weight lunging deeper and extending arm straight behind you. Repeat 8 times up and down. Hold at the top and and pulse down 8 counts. Lift your trunk straight up and off the ball as if posting on a horse. 16 BEGINNER Ball Wall Squats BENEFITS: These wall exercises are great for skiers. They develop balanced strength as well as an awareness about spinal alignment. They also improve postural form, and stabilize your spine, so you can concentrate on engaging muscles to work dynamically around the thighs while lifting your abs.

The religious specialists would often have been forced to leave the various power centres of India – cities, palaces, temples, monasteries, and regional manor houses now occupied by the new rulers. Here holy men had previously thrived and dominated under the umbrella of Tantric ideologies. The divine feudal society was in other words squeezed at its top levels, leaving only the provincial countryside or the immigration to the South as viable options for religious specialists entangled in the waning previous power structure and ideology291.

The arrival and settlement of the Turkic Muslims was followed by another blow to the power of the holy men. It was the arrival of Vaishnavite Bhakti , which swept Northern India. Here the reigning ascetic wisdom discourses were fundamentally challenged and often ridiculed by an alternative power discourse, which promoted emotions and devotion. It was a hard time for many ascetic and Tantric milieus of holy men whose cultural field was under threat from the overall power field of society.

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