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Unfortunately, although weight-training is easy and doesn’t have Yoga poses with names to take a lot of time you only need to do about eight exercises for a whole Yoga poses with names -body routine lots of people, especially women, dislike it. I think they find the moves boring and repetitive and they aren’t convinced that the results are worth it. Many women believe that lifting weights will make them big, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let me give you a little anatomy lesson, if you don’t mind: When you’re young, your muscles are naturally sleek and strong.

Sleek and strong muscles keep your skin taut, keep your body lifted, and keep your shape trim and small. As you age and lose your muscle mass, your skin doesn’t have a dense enough foundation to rely on, so you develop cellulite. Your body begins to sag because, once again, the upper layers of your body don’t have a strong foundation to sit on. And, finally, you get bigger because fat actually takes up more space than muscle.

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