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Try to lift and separate your rib cage over the ball Yoga poses resting . Use your outside hand on the ball for support, and when your body becomes acclimated Yoga poses resting , you can try to put both hands behind your head. 3 Bonding with Your Ball The Warm-Up So, now we begin the series of exercises. Have patience when starting, even if you’re used to working out regularly. This ball workout is a great way to learn how the body works three-dimensionally. Continue working with the thought process of tightening superficial muscles to the max on every rep and exercise. If you do not know how to regulate this, try to think about the synergy of your core and extremities working in a beautiful relationship. Honestly, the ball’s unstable surface will remind you! The ball will keep you interested, coming back to challenge a balance or stretch.

This merger happened within an overall Saivite sign framework creating many conceptual tensions within what should become hatha-yoga. Hence some introductory remarks on the Siddhas are required.

The pre-history of hatha-yoga’s subtle body discourse

The discourse of hatha-yoga and the subtle body emerged around 11-1300 AD among new cults which belonged to the milieu of the Nath Siddhas. The Nath Siddhas were on their side a part of much wider Pan-Indian discourse of Siddhas.297 We have briefly encountered the Siddhas in the chapter about Tantra. As we recall the Tantric movement flowered between 800-1200 AD. The Siddhas were worshipped by cults who perceived them as saints with superhuman powers – having the status of gods.. A siddha’ in this discourse was constructed as being a realised’ or perfectedone ‘.

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