Yoga poses routine for beginners

Lying Supine on the Ball Begin by sitting on the ball Yoga poses routine for beginners . Slowly walk your feet forward with your hands supporting you on the ball, until your Yoga poses routine for beginners lower back rests on the ball. Your hands can be placed behind your head to release strain on your neck. If you are in the correct position, your neck should feel free. Your ankles should align directly under your knees, your thighs parallel to one another and the floor. If you are over-arched, your back muscles are already tight. You’ll need to elongate your front thighs by really bringing your buttocks to the ball. You need to feel the connection between your ribs and pelvis in this position.

The fluid subtle body

As mentioned many groups in India saw the body as a loan from the gods. Our human body was kept alive by vital fluids (rasa), but sadly these would run out like the sand in an egg timer. When there was no more rasa the physical body would die and return to the gods. So the trick of a long life was to avoid the loss of the life force – the rasa in the body (White 1996).

The rasa was in other words conceived as a subtle body – a subtle fluid system – within the physical body. The notion of the subtle body (often called the astral body in popular yoga books) can be traced back to about 600 BC in India, according to White. The subtle body was the Indian way of explaining what life actually is. It was further conceived as working as an intermediary between the mind (often called the causal body’) and the physical body. The subtle body played a pivotal role as an energy body’ connecting and stimulating the physical body and the mind301.

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