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Continue up through your ribs, and inhale after your muscles Yoga poses running are engaged. Roll the ball forward, keeping your knees bent over your ankles, rounding Yoga poses running your pelvis under with the goal of using your abs to scoop and lengthen your tailbone under until your sacrum touches the ball. Exhale as you roll your pelvis back through the neutral position into an arched position. Your abs are still actively engaged upward to support the spine. Do this 6 times each way with your hands on the ball for support. 2 Lateral Hip Stretch Sit on the ball, your ankles under your knees, feet firmly planted on floor. Lift your abs up before moving your hip out to the side from the buttocks. Contract your thigh muscles to keep your knees aligned and parallel.

So there is a source of hatha-yoga discourse not yet accounted for. It is to be found among groups who had a physically concrete approach to the body. Scholars suggest that we look among groups who were initially called Siddhas and later Nath, Nath-Jogis or Nath-Siddhas. These various Siddha groups were preoccupied by the physical body which they wanted to transform by material means. It is among the Siddhas that other key signs in the later hatha-yoga discourse were developed.

The Siddhas were also influenced by Saivism – they worshipped Siva and/or Buddha. We can see from their texts that they also became influenced by the Tantric Saivism of Kula and Krama discourses which flourished at the same time. Hence among the Siddhas two disparate imaginations of the subtle body system merged: the subtle body was constructed by both physical fluid and divine discourses.

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