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Perform two sets. 20 ADVANCED Frog Jumps BENEFITS: Builds Yoga poses upper back strength in the entire leg. Stand with your legs wide apart and turn your toes out Yoga poses upper back . Place the ball on the floor in front of you. Bend deeply at the knees until you can place your hands around the ball with your elbows pressed into the inside of your thighs to help stretch them open. Use your buttocks and abs to lift your weight off your knees. Using the power in your thigh muscles, arches, and buttocks, jump into the air, simultaneously lifting the ball overhead. Point your toes and really straighten your legs in the jump for the most advanced explosive plyometric movement great for training professional skaters or any other sport requiring explosive moves.

The historico-sociological conditions of hatha-yoga are investigated in the Tantra chapter dealing with the feudal Indian society and the raise of the Tantric discourse. The hatha-yoga discourse emerged as this social formation declined in Northern India with the raids and final occupation of Turkic Muslims. My theory is that the emergence of hatha-yoga – heavily influenced by Tantric discourse – is directly connected to this decline.

Hatha-yoga in this chapter is not defined (as in most popular books) by its long-held poses but by its core doctrines about the subtle body – the energy body. The introduction of the subtle body as a significant notion to the yoga discourse seems to be unique to hatha-yoga. Based on this concept – the energy body as a central sign – the emergence of hatha-yoga discourse is investigated in detail. Then follows a deconstruction of a text which seems central to the hatha-yoga discourse – the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. I show how this text is a compilation of conflicting practices and theologies. Rather than being the bible of hatha-yoga, as it is acclaimed, it subsumes and incorporates the hatha-yoga discourse into existing elite Saivite theologies. What is thought to be the zenith of hatha-yoga seems

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