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Hatha-yoga – The domestication of a Tantric yoga

Key Concepts

Mudra & bandha Fluidity vs divine energy Hatha vs raja Siddhi vs jivan-mukti Hatha Yoga Pradipika Cultural field of immortality Armtakunda Samadhi as raja-yoga Pranayama Asana

This chapter is central, seen from a modern yoga practitioner s point of view. Modern postural yoga is often seen to be an offspring of hatha-yoga – or even as identical with hatha-yoga. For a modern student or a yoga populariser interested in the detailed origin of their practice this chapter will probably be interesting and surprising reading.

Repeat 5-8 times. Propel the ball upward as Yoga poses upward dog your feet push firmly off the floor using your arches. Be sure to land toe- Yoga poses upward dog ball-heelusing your abs to help your back muscles hold your trunk upright. Don’t allow your knees to collapse inward. Use your outer hip and buttocks to control your knees. If your spine is seriously degenerated, don’t do this exercise if it’s new to you. 21 ADVANCED Standing Back Hip Extensions BENEFITS: Develops upper back strength while totally lifting your butt. Stand with the ball in front of your knees with both hands on top of the ball.

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