Yoga poses using wall

Hug the ball into your chest so the spine will stay Yoga poses using wall straight. With your weight pulling backwards into your buttocks, lower to a wide plie position Yoga poses using wall , keeping your chest lifted and extending your arms overhead. Keep your spine as straight as possible, knees bent, tracking over second toe as you lower and lift. Do this 8 times. Keep your spine straight by feeling your chest lift up as it assists your arms in lifting the ball.

INTERMEDIATE Perfect Lunges: Front Ball Hug BENEFITS: I developed my famous ball lunges in an effort to deliver the feeling of working muscles with dynamic oppositional pull to re-pattern faulty gait patterns and develop the iliotibial band, which runs along the outside of the thigh. Stand with your legs one in front of the other wide parallel stance and bend your front knee into a lunge position. The ball should be hugged against your bent front thigh.

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