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Then, start to raise your arms from the shoulder to Yoga poses with yoga ball come into a shoulder press. Keeping your back stable and your abs contracted, lift your Yoga poses with yoga ball arms up and over your head, turning your palms forward at the top of the shoulder press. Come down slowly. Repeat 4 times. If you have any problems with your shoulders, modify this exercise by only raising your elbows to nose height and do not straighten your arms. Keep the range of motion small until you build stability in your shoulders. ADVANCED Seated Lateral Raise One Leg Lifted BENEFITS: Strengthens and shapes the front of your shoulders while working your powerhouse. Sit on top of the ball, feet hip-distance apart, elbows bent and forearms resting on your thighs.

So far we have outlined the historio-sociology of Tantra, some of its key ideas and the strong power discourse of which it was an expression. We have also sketched two Tantric discourses relying on yoga: the ascetic Savite yoga and the Tantric householder yoga of Abhinavagupta. Let us finish with an overview of yoga within the Brahmin-Vedic discourse. How did they combine Yogic with Tantric discourse?

How did the yoga discourse and holy men fare in medieval


Brahmins combining yoga and Tantra in the Yoga-Upanishads

How was the yoga discourse of the Brahmins – claiming to stand in the tradition the Vedas and Upanishads – affected by Tantra? We have already seen how some Saivite Brahmins retired from Patanjali-yoga and adopted Tantric Trika. Still several texts deliberately stayed within Brahmin text genres and discourses, but there is not much research into it related to yoga.

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