Yoga poses for your zodiac sign

Do this 10-12 times. ADVANCED Seated Tricep Taps Yoga poses for your zodiac sign BENEFITS: Tones the back of your upper arms. Sit on the ball with your arm Yoga poses for your zodiac sign extended behind your hip, palm facing in. Lift the weight up off ball. Lower your arm, tapping the weight down with your elbow straight. Do this 10 times with each arm. INTERMEDIATE Prone Upper Back Rows BENEFITS: Strengthens the upper and middle portions of your back, improves your posture. On your knees, drape your chest over the ball with your hips pressed firmly into the ball.

Tantra promised the practitioner access to the power of ferocious and violent female deities like for instance Kali. This was the bhukti (worldly power) aspect of practice. It was as good and as important as its twin mukti – the power of being a liberated soul: a jivan-mukti.

Combining bhukti and mukti was of course a very interesting proposition to kings, feudal rulers, Brahmin landlords and warriors.287 By practising, they would not only obtain the respect of their own men by being a charismatic liberated person – a jivan-mukti – worth following. They would also get access to the power of ferocious gods. This would motivate their men in war and give the ruler ideological power. By putting pictures on banners of the goddess, whose power they possessed, they could scare away enemies and attract followers. In fact the power they had as rulers was already a sign of the blessing of the deities. It was no surprise that various Tantric practices became popular among the ruling classes as Tantra charged them with symbolic capital.

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