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In the final chapter 4, the YS becomes very complex as it moves into abstract philosophical speculation. Chapter 4 is called kaivalya – isolation. One could summarise that yoga as described in Chapter 4 is a reversal of the Samkhya evolution process: a returning to purusha – i.e. involution (pratiprasava). It would take a lengthy study of the YS and its commentaries (which in any case contradict each other) to understand what is going on in chapter 4. Topics like dharma, the ontology of reality, consciousness, self-consciousness, means of power, time, and their mutual interactions are discussed254. The YS positions itself in relation to competing philosophies and sectarian controversies (Yamashita 1994, Kalupahana 1987).

We now have an overview of the 3 yogas compiled in the YS (kriya, nirodha and ashtanga). However, there is one process outstanding, absolutely crucial to the YS, which needs further investigation: samadhi.

It will take discipline and attention to breathing techniques to master Yoga postures for weight loss imagesthese poses as much as any others. Some poses will have modifications depending on their difficulty Yoga postures for weight loss imageslevel. In this posture you put your hands and feet on the floor, then, keeping your arms straight and ears between your arms, you want to push your butt up into the air. The idea being that your legs and arms are straight with the bend being at your waist. Remember to keep hands flat and toes pointed forward. Your heels don’t have to be on the ground, but they should be close and reaching toward the floor. Some beginners lean too far forward. If you remember you want to look like an A’ from the side and keep more weight on your legs, you should be able to master this posture.

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