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While they have a lot in common, different segments of Yoga queen anne the spine are quite specialized to perform their different jobs. The spine derives its virtues its Yoga queen anne flexible support and resilience from the summed qualities of all of its constituent vertebrae.

But there are also great differences between them according to their form and function. The five lumbar vertebrae, at the level of the waist and lower back, are large and thick, with transverse processes that permit the attachment of large, weight-bearing and weight-shifting muscles that support and manage the torso. Because these joints sustain considerable and abrupt forces, arthritis often begins early here. The twelve thoracic vertebrae have flattened transverse processes at the sides, which connect to the ribs.

The ribs and thoracic spine support the sternum, the clavicles, and most of the muscles involved in breathing, such as the diaphragm Together, the muscles and ribs protect organs such as the heart, lungs, and liver. The cervical spine’s seven vertebrae are the smallest yet most specialized: the top two, atlas and axis in descending order, permit passage of the spinal cord and cradle the skull in a secure but highly flexible way.

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