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Lengthen your tailbone down and lift your abdominal muscles up to stabilize Yoga quotes your pelvis. Once you are steady, carefully inch your right leg back behind you. Yoga quotes The knee will remain bent as the thigh moves farther from vertical. Breathe deeply as you reach back through the back leg; find the appropriate level of intensity of effort. Stretch your leg back as far as possible. Attempt to straighten the knee. Lift your torso up to vertical. Enjoy this deep hip stretch, made safe by the support of the chair.

Our second observation is that even if the Vedic sacrificial priest was not a Shaman as described above, he still shared many of the characteristics of the central-regulatory and community-moralistic functions of the Shaman: the protector of order, the connection to the gods and so forth, all strong symbols generating cultural capital. Some scholars even see the proto-yogis as evolving out of the Shaman identity, merely replacing ecstatic techniques with meditative. The Sramana or proto-yogi might then represent the peripheral Shaman role, while the Brahmin represented the central role of the Shaman. Such a division of the Shaman role into two – the Brahmin (central conservative) and proto-yogi (peripheral oppositional) – could in this view be related to the structural changes the Vedic societies had been undergoing for centuries: small pastoral semi-nomadic clans settling and becoming agricultural settlements; the development of small kingdoms and larger hierarchical societies.

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