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Let the middle of your back soften and descend toward the Yoga socks floor. Exhale. Use your abdominal muscles to push your back up toward the ceiling. Yoga socks Let your head and tailbone curl downward. Continue moving in this way for as long as it feels good. Move your ribs and or pelvis in slow circular patterns to loosen and mobilize everything, but go easy on the neck. You are warming up all the torso muscles and coordinating them think fluidity! Purpose: To stretch the sides, enabling the whole spine to elongate, one-half at a time, facilitating lateral flexion. Contraindications: Recent vertebral or rib fracture, scoliosis.
It was this hybrid Mysore yoga discourse – heavily influenced by Western gymnastic, physical culture, modernity and the medical/therapeutic scientific yoga discourse – that in the late 20 Century became the main yoga style exported to the West. However, despite Krishnamacharya’s ideological positioning of his exercises, this yoga clearly belonged to the medical/therapeutic scientific yoga discourse. When teaching the exercises, they were clearly praised for their therapeutic effects by Krishnamacharya (Singleton 2010).

On the following posts we will recapitulate the main people and characteristics of the cultural field of Indian popular yoga.

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