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I’m a Scot and Davida and welcome to Onondaga Yoga for concentration concentration two simple words means absence of distraction a restless mind can never concentrate, if you want to concentrate it reduce the number of thoughts in your mind yoga has various balancing arsons and pranayams which will help you to bring down the number of thoughts and cultivate the habit of concentrating trotter Kriya this practice is taken from shut kriyas trot that means fixing your gaze on one point the point can be at a far distance or close here we are taking candle as the point in to do this practice you sit comfortable with the back erect keep the candle such that the flame is either at your eye level or below the eye level and distance between your candle and yourself is about two feet.

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So you fix the gaze not at the tip of the flame. But at the base just concentrate on it, if possible don’t blink your eyes the fixing of gains will help you to calm down your mind bring down the number of thoughts and thereby improve the concentration there is high possibility that after about a minute or two water starts coming out from your eyes it’s normal and don’t avoid it. And then when you feel complete and very slowly close your eyes. And just relax you can do this practice for two minutes and take it up to eight to ten minutes you.


Emma Scott I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems syllabi tourism Drona means bow and silhoue is easy. So this is an easy bowel pose this arson helps you to improve the muscles of the abdomen it massages the abdominal organs to go into labor thoroughness on land on your back at the legs closer to each other hands closer to your body bombs on the ground now with the support of the hands by sliding the hands behind slowly raise the head. And the back up and take the weight on the elbows by bringing the upper arms appendicular to the ground once you’re comfortable in this position slowly raise both the legs are such that the toes are aligned of your eyes close your eyes, if possible or just look at the dough’s and maintain keep breathing when Dean ask for your capacity when you want to come out slowly drop the legs down slide the hands back and rest the back on the ground and relax.

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