Yoga to Increase Body Stamina and Flexibility

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor Power Yoga sequences Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total thickness of your body power yoga sequences is an important part of power yoga here we just flow from one arson into other with ease just by doing few sequences you can have a complete body workout sequence one in this you’re setting with the toes up right on the heels then come to the cat position a within you take the face up and have a good backward bed allow your abdominal acts commending in this position for about two three breaths. And now take a deep breath in and exhaling going to cat pose beep when you raise the back up drop the head down after exhaling you do again normal really four to three breaths. And now you exhale.

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And as you take a deep breath in to come back to cat pose a again normal breathing now take a deep breath in and exhaling from here go to the downward facing dog pose three inhale and exhaling raise the knees up and extend yourself back now again do normal breathing and from here you exhale and inhaling you come to the cobra pose the knees are on the ground resting the heels closer to each other touching each other then do the normal breathing again now take a deep breath in and exhaling you come to the west Rosson by pushing the buttocks behind and extend yourself down rest the forehead on the ground. And just rest after doing the sequence feel and allow the back to relax allow the abdomen to relax take your time in this position. And then come back and sit in Madras on and feed the difference in the whole body you have done some forward bending as well as some backward bending awesome so feel the difference in your back you.

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