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The two separate yoga discourses

But does all this really matter? Does the modern scholar play much of a role in the popular yoga discourse? My enquiries into contemporary popular yoga discourse looking for knowledge of Eliade or any other modern religious scholars have shown that there is almost no knowledge of them and their writings. By reading the huge amount of popular yoga literature written by non-scholar yoga popularisers and by talking with large numbers of yoga sympathisers, it is abundantly clear that there are very few if any references to or knowledge of scholarly literature. So, the irony is that very few of those practising yoga – sympathisers or popularisers – read the scholarly literature.

However, this is also true the other way round. You never see academic literature quoting or referring to yoga popularisers: scholars quote scholars. Of course, you cannot blame hermeneutical-phenomenology for the communication breakdown. This is rather encouraged by the academic power discourse as such. By this I mean that most academic literature is so segregated and specialised and is often written in such insider jargon that no-one outside the specialty can be bothered to – or is actually able to – read their texts. So even if educated yoga readers’ encountered academic research, they would struggle to decipher it.

Cushions if desired. Avoiding pitfalls: Adjust your position in Yoga warrior pose the chair relative to your height. Taller people will sit farther into the chair in the Yoga warrior pose beginning. Take care to lengthen your back as you arch into the full pose. Place your chair about two feet from a wall. Place a folded blanket on the seat. Sit backward in the chair, on the edge of a blanket, with your legs threaded through the backrest. Bring your toes up the wall while your heels are on the floor and your knees are bent.

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