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Emma Skye I am maybe that welcome to Anand yoga kappa yoga kappa yoga or portland’s yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect with each other it also helps you to have closeness in the relationship you will find two different types of we use in the set in some posts you both will be performing one asset together or in some posts one partner is performing in arson. And the other partner is supporting just try these out and feel the difference in your body as well as your relationships with Anwar awesome a wonderful twist and a wonderful stretch for your legs.

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So when partner is lying down with the hands spread at the shoulder level now take the right leg straight up the other partner is standing on the left side and rub the right leg on the left side you’re supporting the partners left leg with your feet once you drop the leg support it with the feet. And then slowly start stretching try to take the tools towards the same towards the opposite car either with the hand or with the leg support the knee try to make it straight the other partner is just enjoying the stretch for the leg for the back, if you want to increase the stretch slowly pull the toes in the legs will get more stretched. And then when you feel that you’d release the partner slowly start taking the leg back. And just let the leg come by the side.

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Namaste everyone my name is Erin. And I’m a vinyasa flow yoga teacher from Berlin Germany I’ve been in practicing yoga for 14 years now I started this tradition and hata yoga the native lots lots of Kundalini over Bikram as well.

And then obviously vinyasa flow and are stronger what I like most is to combine the roots of yoga. And the modern influence into my classes so to bring balls influences together I keep coming back to India. Because India is the source of yoga. And you find everything related to yoga not just Asanas. But also pranayama and meditation. So I invite you to join me to practice yoga at the source in India.

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