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We can see today in their writings that they often projected Western understanding onto translations of Sanskrit words – like brahman’ often became similar to a Western notion of god’. However, it is mainly through their lenses (their construction) that we today experience Indian historical culture and yoga. Even today, many contemporary scholars of Hinduism and yoga share the Orientalists’ positive evaluation of Indian culture and also share their nostalgic spiritual-political agendas (McCutcheon 1997 & 2003).

The Orientalist discourse – initiated by European intellectuals – was the first to apply recently developed source-critical methodologies to the historical sources of Indian culture. Before that the Indian yoga discourse was mainly internal commentary and textual redaction (if we exclude Persian and Muslim writings) adapting yoga to new religious-political realities. For the first time the written discourse on India received a Western style documented history. Until then, a substantial part of its cultural heritage had been orally transmitted. The Vedas for instance were kept alive by minor Brahmin clans in a mixture of oral and written teaching. First in 1876 with the Orientalist Max Mueller’s (Wikipedia link) translation, the world -including India! – came to read the entire Rigd Veda. Soon increasing numbers of Indian intellectuals became engaged and involved in this global communication circuit.

Extend from the core of your body out to the periphery Yoga work pants . Inhale as you come up, then repeat on the other side. Purpose: To Yoga work pants stretch the anterior hip and improve extension. Contraindications: Prepatellar bursitis, spinal stenosis, recent abdominal surgery, hernias, facet syndrome segmental rigidity. Props: A bolster, blankets, and a chair. Avoiding pitfalls: Face your hips squarely to the chair, with your forward leg open to the side and the back leg going straight behind you. Add a folded blanket on top of the bolster if your hips are stiff. Place a bolster about twelve to sixteen inches from the front of the chair.

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