Yoga yin

Set one other folded blanket or more behind you to support Yoga yin your back and head as you lie down. If you feel stiffness or pain in your Yoga yinknees or lower back, stack these blankets over the bolster for Yoga yin more height. Inhale, lift your spine and ribs, and lower your tailbone. Start Yoga yin leaning back, support yourself on your arms, and lengthen the lower back as you go.

As you descend and arrive on the blankets, pull your lower ribs away from your waistline to maximize the length of your back, stretch your tailbone toward your knees, and keep your abdominal muscles pulling in and up. An intense thigh stretch is good, but knee or lower back pain is not good. Adjust with more height under you if necessary. Stay in the pose for a minute or two, focusing on creating inner length and inner calm, and then come up and roll to one side to release your legs.

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