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Manually widen your buttocks and upper thighs. Cross your right Yoga zafu leg over your left, placing the right foot flat on the floor outside the left knee Yoga zafu, with the right shin vertical. Lift your spine as you Yoga zafu inhale. Root down through both pelvic bones. Exhale and turn to the right. Hold Yoga zafu your right knee with your left hand; place your right hand behind you on the floor. If you can twist more deeply, position the left elbow outside the right knee, pointing your left hand up. Press your right leg and left arm firmly against each other, creating the power for a deep twist.

This means that the symbolic-value – the signs’ interaction with society – too often gets lost. And when such research does deal with the symbolic-value, it is often mistaken for use-value.

More and more methodological critiques of this research programme – often preoccupied with words and their many possible meanings – are emerging. Here is for instance a quotation from a critical article from L. A. Renza (Influence): Spotting certain thematic likeness or disclosing related verb patterns between as well as within texts seems to inaugurate the excitement fuelling the critical act (From Ernst 2005). In summary, this fixation and infatuation with words, still seen in too many works, must be supplemented with attitudes much more sensitive to politics, power, signs and society.

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