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Retain a long, vertical spine. Continue the twist by Yoga zootopia wrapping the back of your left ribs to the right. When the spine has revolved as Yoga zootopia far as possible, keep turning your inner body. Lift your spine farther with each inhalation; revolve somewhat farther as you exhale. 1Release and repeat on the other side. TRIANG MUKHAIKAPADA PASCHIMOTTANASANA Trifold Forward Bend Purpose: To stretch the lower back, hips, thighs, and pelvis. Contraindications: Knee restrictions, colostomy, total hip replacement. Props: A yoga mat, a blanket or two, a belt, and a washcloth.

This is the kind of question that the cultural criticism of Lasch, Bourdieu, Baudrillard and Foucault invites yoga sympathisers to investigate: we might call it a post-modern yoga discourse with a sociological twist. It directs us to yogic self-reflection based on the acknowledgement that social processes flow into and shape the individual’s self and identity-and that includes (and this is the critical point) a self that is constructed by yoga technologies. Their point is that yoga discourse like a coin has two faces: the one, official, side promises transformation and liberation, the other, hidden, side carries the threat of social control and servitude. It is a post-modern yoga reflecting on the yoga self’ as a social constructed self.

Finally how will we know if we are participating in a discourse of this cultural narcissistic medical-therapeutic yoga? I will suggest that one starts to listen for words and sentences like: keeps you young and fit; …. healthy body; …. feeling great and looking good; …. makes you relaxed; …. will re-juvenate you; … improves your posture; the anatomically correct way is to….; …. restores your inner balance; …. good for back posture; …. counteracts office work; ….cures problems of … ; … leads to weight loss and toned legs, … gives mental energy and surplus.

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