6 Best Ways for a Safe Yoga Practice

Stop if something hurts. Pain is your body telling you not to go there. Keep breathing. If you can’t breathe through your nose freely, you’ve gone too far.

New to yoga? Ease your body in gently. Most injuries occur in the first two to three months, when you’re still learning how to use your body correctly. Be extra careful during this time.

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If you do other sports, be careful not to approach a yoga class with the same intensity. Injuries occur when you push your body too far. Leave your competitive spirit at the door. Stack your joints, especially in weight-bearing poses – knees over ankles, hips over knees, wrists under elbows and elbows under shoulders. This will help to prevent injury and strain. Perform in a warm room; never stretch in a cold room. Your body needs to be one or two degrees warmer than normal to safely stretch and work at its optimum.

Don’t do shoulder or head stands until you’ve been doing yoga for a few years and have perfect alignment of the spine and neck – and under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Practise regularly. It’s better to do gentle yoga every day than intense yoga once a week. Try to do yoga often, as your body will become more elastic and won’t retract between classes.

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