Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety

Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety


TIME: 60 to 75 minutes QUALITY: Balancing.

Like the perfect date, this routine includes time to ease in and take it slow. It includes meditation, breathing, physical, and relaxation practices to nourish and balance your body, mind, and spirit.

1 Earth Witness Meditation Pose.

2 Cat-Cow Pose.

3 Downward-Facing Dog Pose.

4 Plank Pose.

5 Thread the Needle Pose.

6 Full Sun Salutation Pose, 3 rounds.

7 Tree Pose.

8 Powerful Pose Pose.

Flowing Vinyasa (right side)

9 Humble Warrior Pose.

10 Warrior II Pose.

11 Peaceful Warrior Pose.

12 Triangle Pose Pose.

13 Extended Side Angle Pose.

14 Half Moon Pose.

15 Warrior II

16 Repeat Flowing Vinyasa, left side.

17 Mountain Pose.

18 Standing Forward Bend Pose.

19 Plank.

20 Side Plank Pose.

21 Lizard Lunge Pose.

22 Garland Pose.

23 Crow Pose.

Revolved Vinyasa (right side)

24 High Lunge Pose.

25 Revolved Extended Angle Pose.

26 Revolved Half Moon Pose.

27 Repeat Revolved Vinyasa, left side.

28 Side Crow Pose.

29 Boat Pose.

30 Downward-Facing Dog.

31 Forearm Plank Pose.

32 Dolphin Pose.

33 Headstand Prep Pose.

34 Half Wheel Pose.

35 Full Wheel Pose.

36 Supine Twist Pose.

37 Supine Pigeon Pose.

38 Downward-Facing Dog.

39 Seated Pigeon Pose.

40 Resting Pigeon Pose, right side.

41 Downward-Facing Dog.

42 Seated Pigeon.

43 Resting Pigeon, left side.

44 One-Leg Side Stretch Pose.

45 Bound Angle Pose.

46 Full Forward Bend Pose.

47 Alternate Nostril Breath Pose.

48 Deep Relaxation Pose.

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