When it comes to the spirit, there are endless expressions of beauty.Salutation You can find the beauty in everything once you start to recognize God’s hand or the power of nature in its creation.Salutation However, in order to appreciate beauty on this level, our perceptions must first change. As children, we respond to beauty instinctual-ly, before we even put into order our emotions and thoughts. But, as we mature and become exposed to others and the world at large, our conception of beauty shifts from an internal experience or intuitive response to an outward experience or reaction to stimuli. We begin to create our own self-images by comparing ourselves with those around us, or with the inexhaustible inundation of images in our culture. My career aside, I grew up like every other little girl in that it felt like an overnight experience when I became aware of my physical person. The comparing started earlier than that, though.

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