Bhastrika Bellows Breath

The last pranayama exercise is Bhastrika, or the Bellows Breath. Just as a bellows heats up the fire, Bhastrika heats up the body. It helps the prana flow freely through the spine. You might want to keep a tissue close by; this is a good sinus cleanser and a natural decongestant.

1. Sit in the Easy Pose.

2. Exhale deeply and sharply. This action pulls the abdominal muscles inward.

3. Breathe rapidly through the nose with sharp, deliberate deep movements. The inhalation is reflexive, you won’t need to think about it. You will feel the action of this movement in the base of your throat. Don’t hold your breath between breaths.

4. Begin with five rounds and work up to ten. Between rounds, hold your breath for a few seconds.

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