Characteristics Of The Seven Major Chakras

Each of the seven major chakras has a corresponding color, and each chakra represents specific emotions or qualities. Here's a simple chart of the chakras' characteristics.

Chakra Color Quality.

First Chakra Security and roots.

Second Chakra Red Sexuality and emotions.

Third Orange Our sense of self.

Chakra Yellow Love, devotion,

Fourth Green compassion.

Chakra Fifth Chakra Blue Communication, knowledge.

Sixth Chakra Indigo Intuition.

Seventh Chakra Crystalline Union with the divine, or self-realizationization; and physically with the eyes, ears, nose, and brain. This is the sun chakra, the brilliance of a pure consciousness. When out of balance, confusion and irritability may dominate.

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The endocrine gland associated with Ajna is the pituitary. Before one can tap into intuitive powers, excess mental activity in this chakra must be cleared.

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