Chakras may be a new phenomenon for you, and that’s okay. They are an ancient part of yogic and Ayurvedic thought. The body has seven chakras that run along the spine and correspond to endocrine functions in the body. Prana runs through the chakras and begins its ascent at the base of the spine, moving up through the navel and solar plexus, into the heart region, passing up into the throat, ascending into the “third eye” region, and exiting out the crown of our head. You may or may not encounter chakra exercises in your yoga class.

You may find the idea of chakras refreshingly enlightening or too esoteric and a bit obscure for your liking. In either case, remember this: Yoga and the decision to study and/or incorporate chakras is a matter of personal choice. So is the topic of the next chapter, meditation. Chapter 7 answers common questions about meditation and delves into a myriad of meditation methods for you to explore.

Fertile Seeds for Focusing the Mind

Before you settle down to the actual practice of meditation, try a few of the following exercises to focus the mind. They are good primers to concentrate the mind and prepare it for meditation.

Chakras Photo Gallery

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