Facial Detox With Yoga


1 Apply half a teaspoon of massage oil over g clean skin, from your collarbones up and out 5 over the face. When massaging your face, use your thumbs to make gentle, clockwise circles on the points shown on the photo on the right and outlined in the steps below. Press just enough to feel resistance from the bone or muscle below the skin, circling each point 15-30 times. Release the pressure, but keep your thumb on the skin, and slide to the next point. [1 Start the massage by pressing both thumbs into the marma points where each collarbone meets the breastbone. Release down toward the waist. This helps to boost energy and detox anger.

P2 Slide your thumbs up the sides your neck to the next points which are situated four finger-widths below your earlobes. Press and circle 15-30 times to improve circulation to the face and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

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Try a light, calming oil such as jojoba. If your skin of is particularly dry, add a little rosehip seed and/or avocado oil. For oilier skins, lighter apricot or grapeseed oil is best.

Ayurvedic blends include X karpasasthyadi thailam.

F3 Slide your thumbs inward to each side of the jawbone. Press and massage upward just behind the bone. This improves facial circulation and strengthens the voice.

[4 Gently slide your thumbs backdown your neck to the V of the clavicle notch.

Press gently in a downward direction to clear the voice and upper respiratory congestion.

[5 Slide your thumbs up to either side of the centreline I facial massage of your chin and press. This helps to improve circulation to the face and connects you with your innermost feelings.


The Cleansing Power of Yoga by Swami Saradananda (Watkins, £14.99) is out now.

H3 Finally, slide your thumbs up the middle of each half of the forehead. Rub in a gentle clockwise spiral to relieve tension and bring mental peace.

P9 Gently massage the outside of each eye to help relieve eye strain.

HO Press the point just above the inside of each eyebrow. Gently press upward, away from the eye to ease eye strain and headaches.

Press the point just above the middle of each eyebrow to feel more centred.

Press on the points halfway up the nose on either side. This helps clear the sinuses.

Press the point just above the outside of each eyebrow. Then slide your thumbs out to the hollow of each temple; this is said to improve memory.

• Clears the subtle-energy chann to stimulate the flow of prana

• Balances your body.

• Improves sleep, restoring the body and boosting immune response

• Calms the nerves, picks up low spirits and boosts self-confidence.

• Supports all the senses, and helps relieve eye-strain

• Improves memory.


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