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Integrative yoga therapy combines various yoga traditions with an emphasis on yogic therapeutic approaches and techniques for health-related fields. While an in-depth understanding of yoga postures is essential for working with individuals, a thorough knowledge of mind-body health science is mandatory. Many of the country’s most knowledgeable yoga teachers, some of whom are mentioned in this blog, are members of Integrative Yoga Therapy and participate in workshops and programs for those interested in pursuing the IYT teacher training program Several IYT instructors hold advanced degrees in physical therapy, psychology, or health education.

Integrative Yoga Therapy offers training programs with an emphasis on applying yoga to the needs of individuals and groups with specific medical problems. The courses include teaching methodology and mind-body health sciences. For information, contact: degrees of chronic pain, from crippling pain to psychological stress, are carefully guided through a sequence of gentle hatha yoga, breathing practices, and mindful meditation. The class encourages a moment-to-moment awareness. The yoga postures emphasize nonstriving. The program works to cultivate the wisdom to self-liberate from pain and suffering, a very different concept for a culture that instantly wants to anesthetize pain.

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