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However, holding poses in even the most basic asanas can often feel more difficult than vinyasa.Mayurasana Pose Yoga There are many branches of Iyengar Institutes around the world, which can be located through the Internet. Surynamaskara Perhaps one of the most balanced cycles of all asana series is Surynamaskara, or sun salutation, as it is commonly known. The sun salutation is an ancient ritual in which the yogi greets the sun. The sun welcomes the day and warms the body, in addition to being a great energy source.

Mayurasana Pose Yoga An essential routine in Hatha Yoga, particularly Astanga, the sun salutation combines asanas and pranayama, establishing the connection of movement and breath, and mind, body, and spirit. Though it can be a complete exercise in and of itself, it is a wonderful way to begin a yoga practice. The most important aspect to the sun salutation, aside from proper alignment, is the focus and maintenance of a steady synchronized rhythm of the breath and the posture flow.

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