Pilates Ring Exercises For Abs

Pilates Ring Exercises For Abs


On the following pages, you will find all thirteen body types. Find your body type, as you determined on page 80, and plug your own personal numbers in to find your weekly rates of loss and gain to achieve your Ideal Body. Then go to Chapter 7 to design your eating program.

Since you already have Ideal Body Weight Proportions, according to The Happy Body standards, you can skip the nutrition plan and go straight to the exercise program to begin achieving the other Standards of Youthfulness.

Estimate how many pounds of fat you will gain per week and how many pounds of muscle you will lose per week. At 1% (.01) of your Ideal Body Weight every week, you will gain 1.1 pounds of fat per week:

Theoretically, you could lose in muscle 2% (.02) of your Ideal Body Weight every week, in which case you would lose 2.2 pounds of muscle per week:

However, since you are already at your Ideal Body Weight, you want to keep your weight constant. If you lost 2.2 pounds of muscle every week, you would lose weight, because you would not gain the same amount of fat. In your case, therefore, you must lose muscle at the same rate that you gain fat namely, 1.1 pounds per week.

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