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The first category, Samhita, is a collection of four hymns the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda with the Rig Veda considered the oldest and most significant collection of hymns, comprising the heart of Vedic philosophy.Savasana Pose Yoga The second category, Brahtnanas, was largely prose interpretations of the older texts and helped clarify the essence of the Vedic beliefs and practices. Savasana Pose Yoga Third were the Aranyakas, which took a close look at the submerged symbolism within the rituals outlined in the previous collections. The fourth and later the most significant category of the Vedas are the Upanishads.

collection of scriptures as a whole comprises what has become the basic textual though they were transmitted orally for centuries foundation for the Hindu belief system. Many people are inclined to compare Indian belief in the Vedas to what the Torah, New Testament, or the Koran means to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Like these Western sacred texts, parts of which are believed to express divine truth as it was directly communicated bv God, the Vedic Samhitas are the records of divine truth as it was revealed by God to the great rishis, or saints, of ancient time. Coming at the end of the Vedic age, an important time in the evolution of Hindu thinking, were the Upanishads.

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