Lay on your back with arms and legs at a comfortable width.

Savasana is more a state of consciousness than a physical position. This a state in which all the energy accumulated during the yoga routine, all the motor and muscular connections developed get processed and stabilised in the energy system.

Allow breathing to flow as it wishes. Don’t hinder this process with your observation, attention, or breathing. Keep your eyes closed, gaze directed inward.

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Let the taste of the coffee be the object of your meditation.

Deepen your experience of each sip. Note the action of swallowing.

Take enough breaks to notice if you feel a shift in your internal environment. Notice when your body feels the stimulation of the coffee.

If you have thoughts during the coffee drinking, that’s perfectly natural, as the nature of our minds is to think. Yet see if you can use the taste of your beloved beverage to stabilize your mind and bring you into a present state.

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