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One prominent theory of osteoarthritis declares it the wear-and Yoga routine -tear disease. If that is true, then sharing the pressures and strains of movement Yoga routineevenly among more vertebrae has obvious advantages. The same principle applies Yoga routine to the limbs.

With more flexibility in the long muscles that cross the major joints of Yoga routine the arms and legs, especially the hamstrings, the wear and tear on the spine is greatly reduced. To appreciate this effect, think of the back strain people with tight hamstrings have when they try to bend forward. Expanding range of movement through increasing flexibility means greater safety for the spine.

First we will concentrate on the lumbar spine, then the cervical spine. We also include special chapters on the spondyloarthropathies that affect the thoracic spine, on the sacroiliac joints, and on scoliosis, which can appear anywhere in the spine.

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