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In addition, the chakras all have their own mantra seeds, or bija.Seated Forward Bend The Hindu tradition typically depicts seven chakras and associates a deity both male and female to each, as well. In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, there are five.Seated Forward Bend The chakras shown here are: ajna, vishuddha, ana-hata, manipura, and swadkisthana. Sahasrara, also referred to by Buddhists as the nirvana chakra, is the thousand-petaled lotus, situated at the crown of the head. Technically, sahasrara is not really part of the chakra system, but is the place where the physical body is transcended. The thousand petals are white or golden and are associated with the seed mantra OM. Sahasrara is associated with the higher mind and union with the Absolute.

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